This is not about a second referendum, or a criticism of how we all voted in the first. Nor is this project particularly interested in targeting Brussels, bureaucrats or politicians. Europe has always meant more than that.

Instead, the real value of Europe is contained within its people and their shared values, overlapping cultures and conjoined histories. The EU was constructed to remind us of these similarities, in order to preserve peace and prosperity post-WW2. Although it has certainly served as a useful political and economic tool, it is important to remember that the EU did not invent this shared community. It only strengthened something that already existed. 

The European family is, and continues to be, very real. But the Brexit referendum has made it worryingly clear that we will only remain part of it if we actively want to. It is for this very reason that STILL EUROPEAN exists. To encourage each individual to express what being European means to them. To explore how a communal continental identity might add value to our individual national identity. 

We believe it is now more important than ever for those who feel it to say... ‘I am still European.’


How it works

STILL EUROPEAN encourages a strong pro-european dialogue by distributing campaign material (stickers/risograph prints) at cost price. Whenever possible, these materials will also be added onto other purchases  free of charge.*  All the profits we make are donated to International Rescue Committee.

* Please distribute all materials legally. If you don't own the wall, lamp-post or window,  ask first. 

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